We are a studio for bookbinding and graphic design.

We love books and have the knowledge and experience to make a book from beginning to end. The studio can design the content and layout, edit images, and next to this produce the actual physical book.

The studio is specialised in small edition handbound books: special products made with time and care. We always work with high quality papers and materials, working closely together with the client.

We can make artists books, portfolio’s and other small editions.

But also if you want to publish a larger edition: we can design the book and accompany the printing process. And we can always make a dummy or test version of the final design.

We are continuously looking for different materials and techniques to work with, creating a line of hand bound notebooks that can be purchased through this website.

Next to this, the website will also be a space to shelter and sell other projects. The starting point is to work with handmade products, simple design and high quality material.

If you are interested in our services, want to know more about our work or contact us for a quotation, we can be reached at

For examples of the studio’s design work please look at